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Content Management System - CMS is a system that manages a web site's content, without requiring any HTML knowledge, to link pages and to control how the pages look. A CMS makes it much easier for users to create, edit, and publish the content on a web site. Content Management System is a Web application that turns content publishing and managing easy for the website owners. A CMS website enables you to edit/update the site’s content whenever you want. On the whole, it makes web maintainence simplified and trouble-free. CMS Customization Structured Content Technologies Business Consultants can assist you in the project definition from start to finish. They help you gain insights in your business processes and the best ways to improve them. Sometimes a fresh view from a different angle can get you right on track. They will be critical, yet always constructive.

GCONP understand your unique requirements and deliver a solution that matches your needs. Our custom solutions have ranged from a basic web content management system to enterprise content management with complex workflow management and ACL implementation.



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